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Gerber Accumark 11 With Accunest + Accuplan + 3D Work Windows 10-8-7 64Bit 32Bit

Gerber Announces New AccuMark® Platform Version 11 Supporting a Fully Integrated Design to Product Workflow AccuMark Family of Products Seamlessly Int

Gerber Accumark 14 February 2021 Full Pack (Accumark+Accunest+Accuplan+Accuscan+MTM+3D)
Gerber Accumark 15 With Accunest_Accuplan_Accuscan_MTM_3D Complete Pack| New Release 2022
Gerber Accumark 10.2 Work Windows 1/8/7 || Accumark 10.2.101 With Accunest+3D Blender+MTM

Gerber Announces New AccuMark® Platform Version 11 Supporting a Fully Integrated Design to Product Workflow

AccuMark Family of Products Seamlessly Integrates from Design to Manufacturing

The AccuMark 11 Platform allows companies to embrace their digital reality – giving them tools from design, grading, marker making, 3D simulation to production – allowing efficiency throughout the entire workflow.

Here Is Video Demonstrate Accumark V11 




Software advancements include:

AccuMark 2D – 

more than 259 new features including digital print file creation that is automated with batch processing. Enhancements in Version 11 allow AccuMark users to customize and scale image placement and save patterns in full scale PDF formats. Version 11 also supports increased image sizes, notch types in digital print files and longer marker lengths.

AccuMark 3D – 

version 11 includes the integration of the Avametric fabric simulation engine which not only enhances the realism of fabric thickness and draping it also connects 3D for design with e-Commerce for virtual try on leading to measurably higher shopper conversion rates. A new library of avatars has also been added that includes extended sizes for women up to U.S. size 24 and men up to U.S. size 58.

AccuPlan™ – 

V11 continues to expand on integrating the manufacturing workflow from ERP order to finished product. With AccuPlan V11, users can now customize a work order containing the elements that are needed to import work orders from their ERP system. AccuMark, AccuNest™ and AccuPlan together with equipment from Gerber allow for end-to-end management of production orders via integrated cut tickets, and customers can view production efficiency data via 

AccuNest™ – 

software for fashion analyzes multiple nesting solutions to deliver optimal material utilization and accelerate the marker making process.

“Whether you are upgrading your existing AccuMark or purchasing a completely new system, Version 11 of the AccuMark Platform will enhance design throughput,” continued McFadden. “Capabilities in digital printing and 3D for fast fashion cycles will help companies stay on trend by delivering new lines to consumers rapidly.”
The AccuMark Platform includes a family of products designed to help companies unleash creative vision and embrace their digital reality. The software is the gold standard for intelligent pattern design, grading, marker making and production planning. It helps increase productivity and accelerate time to market.


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