Gerber AccuMark V2024.1 Version 17.0.225 | New Released April 2024

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Gerber AccuMark V2024.1 Version 17.0.225 | New Released April 2024

Gerber Accumark V2024.1 Watch Video Demonstration Here

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Gerber Accumark V2024.1 Watch Video Demonstration Here

Whats New From Gerber V16.1 To 2024.1 V17.0.225 Below PDF Link


IT Admins – Download the AccuMark System Information PDF

Measure and Compare Piece to Bookmarks

Users may now measure and compare between bookmarks and piece geometry

Patternmakers can validate changes and compare various versions of pieces as modifications are being made for line length and notch placements.

Line Length and Between Notches will now be active not only for piece geometry but also for original and defined bookmarks. The measurement for original or defined bookmarks will display in the same color as the bookmark.

View Assigned Rule Tables

Display Rule Tables names for all dimensions A new option for Piece Information has been added in Pattern Design. When enabled, users can display the rule tables assigned to the piece, along with the dimension, D1, D2, D3, D4.

Plot Size Annotation

Size Name when plotting from PDS

When plotting, a new field in the plot preferences allows the size name to be plotted along the piece perimeter just as when using the piece plot form in a user selected position: Top, Bottom, Left, Right, or All. This new selection in PDS allows the same plot result as plotting from the piece plot form and specifying the size name to be plotted along the piece perimeter.

Fraction Display for Measurement Chart

Measurement Chart can now be displayed in fraction form.

A new Display button in the Points of Measurement Dialog has been added to allow users to display the chart in fraction format. This display choice simplifies tasks for patternmakers who need to make adjustments based on measurements.

If a user chooses fractions, the grid numbers will display the whole number, space then the fraction.

Matrix Selection for Measurement Chart

Multi-Dimensional Grading can now be displayed in a Matrix for the Measurement Chart

When using a Measurement Chart that contains sizes with multi-dimensional grading, an additional button has been added to change the display to a matrix. Using the matrix selection will simplify size selection for complex size ranges.

Cut Sequence Internal Lines

Set the cut sequence for internal lines within pieces

Support for setting the cut sequence on internals has been added to the Define Cut Sequence function. The User Input dialog now includes radio buttons to select the line type “Perimeter” or “Internals”.

Copy Fisheye Darts

Duplicate Fisheye Darts

A fisheye dart can now be easily copied from one piece to another or duplicated within a piece, allowing faster pattern modification

The User Input dialog will prompt to select the dart to copy and the location to place the new dart.

Add Drills to Fisheye Darts

Automatically add drills at dart vertices

When creating a fisheye dart, a new option in the user input dialog allows drills with defined offsets to be added to each corner of the dart. These additional drills can be used for alignment or 3D visualization purposes.

AccuMark Explorer Preview Display

An AccuMark Model preview can now include both pieces and the sketch

With the addition of a new option in the AccuMark Explorer, the Preview Pane choices are now to show only the sketch, the pieces, or both in the preview pane. The Preview Preferences are set in the View Tab.

When both the sketch and pieces display in the preview pane, each of the divided areas can be zoomed independently, as the focus for the pane is determined by the mouse position.

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