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Lectra specializes in CAD software and CAM cutting-room systems for industries using soft material such as leather and textiles. The company develops software, hardware, consulting and associated services for organizations in industries including fashion and apparel, automotive, furniture and others.

DesignConcept FurnitureVirtual prototyping and product development software DesignConcept V4r3sp2 What is DesignC [...]
Optiplan from Lectra Technologies – An Intelligent Cutting Room Software to Save on Fabric Lectra Optiplan V3r4 SP2 [...]
MODARIS EXPERT: ADVANCED 2D AND 3D PATTERNMAKING SOLUTION Diamino Expert: Lectra Diamino Fashion Use For Marker Making And Automatic Marker Soluti [...]
Lectra Modaris V8r3 Expert And Diamino Fashion V6r3 Expert is professional Garments Cad Software [...]
Lectra Modaris brings quality and precision to the patternmaking process for fashion companies. Explore further by estimating your fabric co [...]
Lectra Modaris V8R1 offers new time-saving opportunities to apparel designers and graders and significantly improves the productivity of the design de [...]
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