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DesignConcept FurnitureVirtual prototyping and product development software https://youtu.be/QeJI9I5cg4g DesignConcept V4r3sp2 What is Des

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DesignConcept Furniture
Virtual prototyping and product development software

DesignConcept V4r3sp2

What is DesignConcept?

DesignConcept is a virtual prototyping, preliminary costing and digital product development solution that enables you to quickly design and develop high-quality trim covers without going over budget.

Using virtual prototyping, you can analyze and discuss the impact of any changes to styling, choice of material or trim processes to determine the most cost-effective options.

From design to manufacturing

DesignConcept simplifies technical feasibility studies, allowing for accurate, immediate material stress analysis and pattern-flattening adjustments. Using embedded automatic marker making, achieve faster RFQ turnaround with precise fabric and leather consumption estimates. These studies can even include estimates of sewing and supply costs. The software also makes it possible to prepare ready-to-cut pieces for automatic cutting with full trim specifications

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