Lectra Optiplain V3r4 Sp2 Full Version

Optiplan from Lectra Technologies – An Intelligent Cutting Room Software to Save on Fabric https://youtu.be/-dUJpp5VdS8 Lectra Optiplan V3r4 SP2

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Optiplan from Lectra Technologies – An Intelligent Cutting Room Software to Save on Fabric

Lectra Optiplan V3r4 SP2

Features of Optiplan
Optiplan is a cut-order planning and optimisation solution to simulate costs and to plan for new production cycles. It fully integrates the cutting room’s various technologies into a single unique process, incorporating ERP, plotting, CAD and CAM systems to accelerate planning, costing and cutting processes.
Optiplan can simulate a range of different planning and manufacturing scenarios, immediately showing the impact of each scenario on costs and production time – down to the unit level. Each process, from marker selection through spreading and cutting, is optimised to give the lowest cost and the most efficient cut plan equation automatically within minutes. It selects the most efficient marker combinations and suggests new ones thereby facilitating precise calculation of material consumption for costing and purchase management. The result is substantial fabric savings of up to 5% and productivity improvement.
Optiplan delivers the selected scenarios to spreading and cutting equipments as executable plans, considerably reducing errors downstream and minimizing unnecessary costs and waste. Constant data results in more cost-effective and consistent cutting; and uniformly higher-quality products. Also, orders and related data can be easily exported and rapidly transferred from one Optiplan station to another. This feature is extremely useful for clients working with remote production sites that are also equipped with Optiplan.
When combined with a fabric management system, Optiplan’s algorithm-based automatic planning feature allows the definition of marker lists according to the availability of material from stock. Manufacturers can easily enter, edit and view fabric roll information in order to improve the efficiency of material usage. Through sophisticated new algorithms, this unique software tests a large variety of size, model and marker combinations respecting material and cutting-room parameters, such as fabric widths, table length, production equipment, labour quantity and costs.

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