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Gerber Accumark 10.4 With Accunest + Accuplan + 3D Blender Work

 Here Video For Gerber Accumark v10.4 Working Perfect.https://mega.nz/#!iTRABQ4b!otGwpZ4izMJMBIlCPNm0Jb7MBnyWFWmHvlrJtLXNr0cThe world’s leading c

Gerber Accumark 13.2 Full Pack (Accumark+Accunest+Accuplan+Accuscan+3D+MTM)
Gerber Accumark 11 With Accunest + Accuplan + 3D Work Windows 10-8-7 64Bit 32Bit
Gerber Accumark 10.2 With Accunest And 3D Blender Perfect

 Here Video For Gerber Accumark v10.4 Working Perfect.

The world’s leading companies depend on Gerber Technology’s innovative AccuMark® 10.4 software to design, develop and market their products as quickly and efficiently as possible.
Now our dynamic new AccuPlan™ module takes your speed and efficiency to a whole new level.

What’s New in the AccuMark Product Family
What’s new in AccuMark 10.4 Pattern Design Software?
The world’s most intelligent pattern design, grading, marker making, and production planning software.

AccuMark 10.4

Email notifications from Batch Processing
Piece and trim image plotting improvements
Easy Marking user interface and piece placement enhancements
New DXF Wizard in the Data Conversion Utility
New image enhancements including labels, placement, and scale options

AccuMark 3D

Blender upgrade for enhanced rendering
Support for AccuMark alterations
Cone shaped hull surfaces
Improved lighting
Improved collision engine


Cut Plan Work Space improvementd Blender
NEW! Interface and workflows
Input and Output grids, along with Balance Details, combined into one workspace
Cut Plan Quick Settings make changes easier and faster on the fly
NEW! Powerful algorithms improve cut plan solutions
Maximize by Fabric Utilization
Prioritization by Costing values
Visualization of markers/spreads on cutting tables
Reports additions
Fabric Weight calculation results
Cut Ticket barcodes
Roll Ends
Matching values available in the Marker Library
Pant Drops
Improvements to Product Table containing multiple models
Product Table is now in synced with Utilization Table and cut plan calculations
Costing improvements
Currency available inside of Costing Settings table
Included in optimization solutions
Merge multiple work orders
Use different spread methods in the same cut plan solution
ROI Calculator

Next-generation pattern design software for the furniture industry
We’ve just expanded our AccuMark family so you can do more than ever before.

The world’s leading companies depend on Gerber Technology’s innovative AccuMark® 10.4 software to design, develop and market their products as quickly and efficiently as possible.
Now our dynamic new AccuPlan™ module takes your speed and efficiency to a whole new level.

The next generation of AccuMark software will help you…CAD-Cut Room Integration

Work better.
Increase your throughput by up to 50%. Create efficient spread and cut plans that fit with your unique production environment.
Powerful, but flexible: AccuPlan makes the most of your existing marker library to optimize your workflow while saving labor and material cost.

Work faster.
Cut your development time by two weeks. Save steps using special marker placement tools that allow for a fully automated nesting process.
Integrate directly with your ERP system to reduce errors and optimize workflow.

AccuNest™ uses powerful algorithms to analyze multiple nesting solutions and deliver the one with the highest material utilization.
It dramatically accelerates the nesting process and reduces costs.

Calculate costs more quickly.
AccuNest is much faster and more efficient than manual nesting, saving you time and money. It automatically generates costing and production markers for fast, accurate material calculations.

Maximize quality control
AccuNest respects all material constraints applied to pieces such as directional rotation, tilt allowances and spread constraints to ensure quality and minimize costly mistakes in the cutting room.

Maximize productivity.
With AccuNest, you can automatically generate nests 24 hours a day without human intervention to meet peak production demands without additional labor costs.

AccuNest is available with two levels of computing power:

AccuNest Professional Edition (PE) employs single-core computing technology to analyze multiple algorithms and deliver the optimal nesting strategy without human intervention.

AccuNest Multi-Core (MC) harnesses the power of multiple computer processors to automatically generate nests that deliver up to 2 percent better material utilization than single-core nesting systems.

With AccuPlan™ we’ve added a whole new dimension to our industry-leading software.
AccuPlan is a powerful spread and cut planning tool that boosts production efficiencies and bottom line performance by leveraging existing libraries and databases and automating the marker planning process.

Reduce production costs.
By automating your planning process, adjusting to work order needs and understanding inventory, AccuPlan enables you to significantly reduce material and labor costs.

Respond quickly to changing demands.
By automatically calculating the materials required for each work order, allowing you to process multiple orders simultaneously and generating reports based on cost,
cut plan results and fabric consumption, AccuPlan allows you to adjust to changing market trends and customer demands.

Boost quality and profits.
AccuPlan provides savings on labor, materials and production time, which help you produce better products in less time and increase your ROI and short- and long-term profits.

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