Penelope Design Dobby Pro V2022 | Released April 2023

https://youtu.be/qyP4xWLo_4g Penelope Dobby CAD offers all the tools needed for the creation, design, production and simulation of all kind

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Penelope Dobby CAD offers all the tools needed for the creation, design, production and simulation of all kind of designs created with a dobby loom.

Penelope Dobby V2022 Dark Mode

With more than 30 years of experience taking care of our client’s needs, Penelope is developed from the fabric designer point of view and includes multiple tools that facilitate their daily tasks and let them focus on their design creations, increasing their efficiency and reducing the time spent to introduce the yarns, colors, weaves and technical data into the system.

Presented with a user-friendly interface, Penelope is the best valued CAD solution according to the users.

The hyper realistic fabric simulation accelerates the decision-making process involved in the creation of the collection while reducing the huge sample production, which means cost and time saving for the companies.

Penelope Dobby contains and manages all the technical data needed to produce designs, such as the needed yarn calculations, the data sheets, and the files CAM needed to communicate to the productive machines.

  • Introduce quickly and accurately the colors by using colorimeter.
  • Create all types of yarns (pains, mélangeslubsmouliné, printed, and fancy yarns).
  • Easily create complex ligaments and visualize them in 3D.
  • Manage Jacquard selvedges.
  • Elaborate, manage and produce blankets with different combinations of designs.
  • Generate designs and colorways automatically.
  • Get a very detailed and customizable product data sheet.
  • Search and make statistics on any item of the collection.
  • Simulate all type of fabrics and effects (leno weave, seersucker, fil coupé, brushing effects, empty dents, double face).
  • Generate files for all types of looms, drawer and sample warping machines.
  • Organize and visualize the scheme of the creel in sectional warping machines.

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