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https://youtu.be/7VB3cJ57kms Omega V7.0.0.39 Omega V7 Gerber Omega 7.0 Software Produce graphics other design programs simply don’t allow y

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Omega V7.0.0.39
Omega V7

Gerber Omega 7.0 Software

Produce graphics other design programs simply don’t allow you to produce.

Aptly named “Omega” (meaning “the end”), Gerber Omega 7.0 design software is the end result of decades of user suggestions. This culmination of professional insights has inspired a powerful program that enables you to design and produce much more than signs and labels.

Created for on-demand graphics production using Gerber thermal printers, plotters, and foils, Omega 7.0 empowers you to produce everything from signs and sports decals to durable panel overlays, asset tags, data plates, bar code labels, or any type of variable-data markings. Together with premium-quality GMS Media products, the possibilities for graphics production are endless.

With Gerber Omega 7.0, you can:
– Use an array of import filters for popular file types, filters that would otherwise be expensive plug-ins for other graphic design programs.
– Adjust settings that eliminate the need for color profiling. Omega 7.0 includes up-to-date PMS color matching capabilities.
– Assign cut attributes to layers and add customer-friendly features to the design, including the capability for back cutting, crack and peel, placement tabs, label kits, selective adhesive masking, butt cutting, and roll labels.
– Easily match fonts.
– Embed logos within QR codes.

Omega is available as a full design and production suite. Once you have Omega with output capability, you can purchase Gerber Omega Layout Stations. Layout stations are the layout and design portions of the software without the print/plot software and drivers. This is a great option at a fraction of the price of the full suite. Use layout stations for designers working in other offices, at home, or on the road.

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