Textronics Design Jacquard + Design Dobby + Design 3D Full Pack

Design JacquardCAD/CAM For Jacquard Woven Fabrics.Design DobbyWith Design Dobby, Designers can concentrate on the finer aspects of their creations wit

Textronics Design Dobby 2018 Work Windows 10-8-7 32Bit And 64Bit

Design Jacquard

CAD/CAM For Jacquard Woven Fabrics.

Design Dobby

With Design Dobby, Designers can concentrate on the finer aspects of their creations without getting into machine specific details like color values, codes and other technicalities.
Design Dobby offers a comprehensive and efficient user interface that allows users to specify, construct, visualize, and execute designs in real time. It can automatically insert weave structures at specific areas, add desirable warp and weft structures to your textile designs, and integrate colors as per your loom.

Design 3D
Cad System For 3D Texture Mapping.

Advantages of Design 3D
Efforts, time and money involved in sampling mockups and preparation of presentations are considerably reduced with 3D Design Software.

Parity on design concepts is maintained during presentations.

Mapped images can be printed for internal evaluation and generating sales portfolios or slide presentations with 3D texture mapping.

Can be sent to customers over the net or posted on your web server.

Easy decision making for the customers resulting in improved your sales

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