BOKE CAD 18.8 With Super Marker Work Windows 11 Pro X64 And All OS

https://youtu.be/-oZ_WLqPjgU BOKECAD 18.8 Boke's Brand Mainly provide multi-category pattern, pattern types are: women's pattern, men's p

Onyx Thrive 21.1 Full Pack Work Windows 11 Pro 64Bit & All 64Bit System | Released June 2021
Gerber AccuMark V2024.1 Version 17.0.225 | New Released April 2024
StyleCad V13 Work WIndows 11-10-8-7 x32 & x64 | New Release 2022

Boke’s Brand Mainly provide multi-category pattern, pattern types are: women’s pattern, men’s pattern, children’s pattern … You can download the pattern directly, adjust the version directly, modify the size directly, you can order the pattern which you want, it is convenient and fast, we can provide you with the most complete clothing pattern platform.

Pattern mall to recruit partners:1. Proficient in Boke CAD software, and able to complete platemaking independently with Boke CAD

(those who cannot use Boke CAD can download free CAD learning, and welcome to cooperate at any time after learning).

2. Uploading the sample requires linkage modification.

3. Cooperation is divided into joint development.

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