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Onyx TruFit Version 1.0.4 | ONYX TruFit – True-shape Nesting Software

https://youtu.be/x43S2729_nk ONYX TruFit - Shape Based Nesting Software ONYX TruFit – True-shape nesting for any print environment. Sa

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ONYX TruFit – Shape Based Nesting Software

ONYX TruFit – True-shape nesting for any print environment.

Save valuable print production time and maximize media usage with shape-based nesting. Easily create complex nested layouts and reduce media usage by up to 50%.


ONYX TruFit Artificial Intelligence searches millions of combinations to achieve optimal media utilization.

  • Easily create optimized shape-based nests
  • Automatic cut-path and tool-type recognition from design files
  • Eliminate excess white space and crop layouts on multi-page PDFs
  • Real-time savings data on media utilization during nest creation


  • Intuitive tools bring speed and simplicity to the most complex nested layouts
  • Outline images with a single click with image tracing
  • Add or edit multiple cut-paths and assign tools for any cut application
  • Generate double-sided images instantly

  • Combine multiple files into a single layout
  • Map custom cut-paths to common names
  • Export files directly to ONYX using hotfolders for automated cut workflows
  • Generate printable PDF files for any solution
  • Original file properties unchanged, including named colors, transparencies and
  • color management

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