Penelope Jacquard Dobby Terry Work Windows 10 x64

Penelope Jacquard allows you to facilitate and to improve the collection process. Obtaining real simulations of the fabrics that will be woven later. Hereby you can realize the whole collection in low cost.

The simulation is a very effective tool for the sales performance. It increases notably the quality and quantity of the creative area, as it allows to visualize the designs faster.

The rapport and a wide quantity of color combinations. The friendly use is based on the simplicity and the efficiency of the working way.

The software allows to work in a very simple form to prepare the base of the image, to clean, to retouch, to draw from the beginning, to create different rapports.

For every color it is possible to assign a weave and visualize automatically the result. Hereby it is possible to rectify, make different combinations or proposals.

The Loom Layout is created according to the machinery with which the company works; it is possible to save them and re-use them for later works; hereby it saves time in future designs.

On having realized the Layout Looms and the whole technical data documentation. It is possible to connect directly to the looms of production or to the system of management of the company (ERP).The new tool that allows to create the written labels with a great quality and rapidity. Facilitating the work for those that have to define brand labels or names.

We emphasize a short selection of the functions that Penelope realizes in Penelope Jacquard and Penelope Image to create designs:

Color reduction

Elimination of spots out of his area

Separation by colors

Elimination of floats

Possibility of visualizing different types composition of rapport in the same image

It is vital to emphasize the great importance that is given to the technical part of the CAD system. So much it is with Penelope, each user can personalize the technical data in agreement to their needs and habits. The user is capable of sending by e-mail the designs to the production area, or to export the information to the direct connection to the looms of production or the systems of management. In the same way, it can create the manufacturer order to control the production or to manage the costs of the articles with the price list, as well as each of the operations that are realized in a design, from the thread to the transport.

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