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Watch Demonstration Video BelowTuft Pro & Tuft EnterpriseNedGraphics Tuft Solutions offer a wide range of design and proofing tools that enable a

NedGraphics Dobby Pro V21.1.09 Work Windows 11_10 Pro 64BIT | New Release
Nedgraphics 2016 Texcelle,Jacquard Product Creator,Weave Editor,Loom Editor,Virtual loom,True Colour
NedGraphics Texcelle Pro 16 Work Only 64Bit System
Watch Demonstration Video Below

Tuft Pro & Tuft Enterprise

NedGraphics Tuft Solutions offer a wide range of design and proofing tools that enable a designer to create, visualize, and control the all aspects of a Tuft product. Just draw in your cam motion, assign yarns to needles and specify the high-low pattern, the result is displayed instantly and you are notified immediately of any errors or inconsistencies.
Tuft Pro is a the standard version that comes with an attractive price tag and is ideal for production or as additional workstations with basic functionality. Tuft Pro supports needle offsets like CMC PSP, Cobble DSP and TFI/A+P Jutemover.
Tuft Enterprise is the ultimate solution for any Tufting Company and is a high quality simulation engine, with batch simulation to speed up virtual sampling as well as True Coloring to create and recolor highly realistic virtual samples.
Tuft Enterprise supports a wide variety of tufting machines from all major machine manufacturers as well as different types of yarn including normal, space dyed, Superba, air entangled.
The Tuft Enterprise simulation module allows sample quality printouts to be produced for sample replacement, customer presentations, and merchandising. Complex yarns are taken into account, and realistically show the high-low effects with stunning result.
A tool for yarn requirement calculation is available to calculate the required yarn lengths and yarn weight. The results can be directly presented in Microsoft Excel for further processing.

Features & Benefits:

  • Create highly realistic simulations to replace traditional samples. Even the most complex effects such as high-low, cut-loop, and space dye are simulated realistically.
  • Interface with Tufting machines from common manufacturers.
  • Support all tufting techniques: scroll, multi-roll, graphics, crossover, etc.
  • Advanced multi-roll function calculates and optimizes any Tuft design.
  • Print technical and graph sheets using customizable print schemes.
  • Use multiple views of tuft design, pattern, technique, and simulation mode
  • Works with real-time yarn statistics.
  • Import any Tuft design straight from Texcelle for further process.
  • Real size view of all Tuft designs and samples on the screen.
  • Warning system if any of the Tuft parameters do not match.
  • Integrates fully with Product Data Management for workflow optimization & integration.
All Tuft solutions provide advanced integration. Designs can be directly loaded from the Product Data Management database. Special versions of Tuft can be used on the tufting machine itself. It allows machine operators to use similar programs as the designers, making it easy to keep track of design changes. This eliminates the need to re-import designs or go back to the design department to make minor adjustments.
Machine Interfaces Include:
  • Chattanooga Tufters
  • CMC
  • Cobble
  • GT Supplies
  • Kibby / Modra
  • Nakagawa / Yamaguchi
  • TFI / A+P
  • Tuftco
  • Tuftex / Danley
  • Vertical Technologies
  • Modra
screenshot of tuft multiview capability

The Tuft multiview capability shows color, production information, and texture simulation on one screen.
screenshot of Tuft capability

Another view of Tuft capability.

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