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Design & Repeat ProThe need to create and develop designs of the highest quality is critical for today’s retail, apparel, home furnishings, and

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Design & Repeat Pro

The need to create and develop designs of the highest quality is critical for today’s retail, apparel, home furnishings, and textile design companies. With large investments in original artwork, fabric samples, trend services, and the creative talent necessary to address them, our customers need to quickly turn ideas into marketable products.
Design and Repeat Pro is one of the core modules included in Printing Studio Suite, and is easily the most advanced and widely used solution currently available. With its signature option for multiple view operation, no other program gives you a wider view of the design more of the time. In addition to the design capabilities, Design and Repeat Pro offers an advanced tool set for the most accurate preparation of manufacturing-ready digital files. Files can also be imported and exported from all other CAD and PLM applications, as well as from the Adobe CS® Design Suite.
Color Reduction & Cleaning Pro
Today’s retail, apparel, home furnishings and textile designers demand unparalleled performance from user-friendly software that delivers the highest quality products possible. Color Reduction and Cleaning Pro is one of the core modules included in Printing Studio Suite and offers the most specialized and versatile tools for processing scans of artwork and fabric samples alike.
Because scans capture an unlimited number colors, many designers face the challenge of converting the scan into a precise number of flat and tonal colors. Several color reduction techniques can be applied depending on the design type, and the real time preview window assures that you’ll achieve the results that you want in the least amount of time.
Following color reduction, a full complement of cleaning tools is available to remove unwanted imperfections in your design. Most of the cleaning tools can be applied automatically, allowing the user to spend far less time manually replacing stray dirt, fabric textures, or pencil lines. This is one of the most essential and beneficial offerings of Printing Studio Suite.
Easy Coloring Pro
Easy Coloring Pro is a user-friendly, yet sophisticated program offering users a unified and accurate color management system. The software addresses the entire color workflow from initial concept through final production. Easy Coloring Pro allows designers and color industry experts alike the ability to quickly recolor prints, wovens, knits, and graphic files.
The software automatically matches the desired color standard on virtually any output devise. Design coloration and color research can be applied to files originating from any other NedGraphics software, as well as most other design packages. You will be amazed how much fun this solution can be, while making beautiful colorings of your designs and products.
Easy Coloring Pro offers one of the most advanced color calibration engines available today, ensuring color fidelity from monitor to printer to final product.
Simulating Printed Fabrics
Simulating Printed Fabrics, True Color is the ideal solution for textile, home furnishing and wallcovering companies that are utilizing today’s most advanced digital printing equipment. For strike-off and sample replacement applications, Simulating Printed Fabric gives users complete control for generating realistic simulations of the final result after production.
With the advent of ever faster and more sophisticated machinery available, Simulating Printed Fabric can also drive final production runs with designs that are free of the constraints of more traditional printing methods.
Due to the ability to manage an infinite number of colors, there are no limitations to what you can achieve in the revolutionary direct digital printing environment.

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