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Texcelle Solutions The Ultimate Creative Design SoftwareTexcelle is perfectly suited to the needs of Carpet and Jacquard companies. Its rich feature

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Texcelle Solutions

The Ultimate Creative Design Software

Texcelle is perfectly suited to the needs of Carpet and Jacquard companies. Its rich feature set provides all a designer needs to create from scratch, edit existing designs, or manipulate scanned material.
Texcelle is extremely easy to use and offers tools for free hand drawing, scaling, applying gradients, placing motifs, along with the most complex repeat structures. Every year additional enhancements are added to Texcelle to fulfill the requests and needs of our customers.
Texcelle is tailored to design, scale, and develop products within the restrictions set by production machinery, but also allows you to recolor finished products or simulations for sales presentations and marketing materials.
Archiving design material has never been easier with the direct link to Product Data Management. You can save and load designs with just a single click. Additional information such as collection and designer name can be added each time you save. This makes future retrieval and sharing much easier and less time consuming.
NedGraphics Offers Various Texcelle Modules:
TexFlash is a introductory version of Texcelle that comes with an attractive price tag.
Texcelle is a robust creative design software, complete with all functionality you need to create designs, colorings and simulations as well as marketing materials.
Texcelle for Product Data Management is a special version of Texcelle. Designs can only be loaded and stored from within the Product Data Management database.
Texcelle Pro offers the most advanced feature set and offers designers the possibility to work with very large files.
Features & Benefits:
Choose from over 150 design functions.
Create and edit multiple designs simultaneously.
Special edge smoothing prevents jagged edges and contours when scaling.
Large file support.
Create, modify, and save color palettes according to designers’ preferences.
Create smooth curves using Bezier and splines with control points.
Personalize preferred tools using shortcuts.
Macros offer huge time savings by storing and executing command sequences.
Export directly design data to MS Excel.
Fill patterns or weave structures.
Store pieces of designs in a Clipboard for instant access.
Easily align selections in a design.
Skew, curve, and scale selections for interesting effects.
Supports various color standard systems.
Add On Modules:
Texture simulation for creating carpet simulations such as Shaggy, Wilton, etc.
Double workers and effect weaves
Design Workshop to speed up creation of geometrical designs
Conversions for Axminster, Viable, EAT, Griffith, Zimmer, etc.
Yarn Usage calculation
Full integration with Product Data Management, the solution for workflow optimization & integration
Crossplanting to optimize your creel for Axminster or Wilton
Colortec Tufting machine interface
Integrated Color management

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