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Radimpex Tower 8 B8440 With ArmCad & METAL Studio Full Work Win11 PRO 64BIt & All OS | New 2022

https://youtu.be/BCGiQefZT4Y Tower8 x64 ArmCAD6 (A21.x64) Metal Studio (A21.x64) Tower Professional structural analysis software

NedGraphics Dobby Pro V21.1.09 Work Windows 11_10 Pro 64BIT | New Release
Onyx Thrive 21.1 Full Pack Work Windows 11 Pro 64Bit & All 64Bit System | Released June 2021
Optitex 21 Full Pack With 3D+Nest Multicore+Cutplan (Latest Release March 2021)
Tower8 x64 ArmCAD6 (A21.x64) Metal Studio (A21.x64)


Professional structural analysis software for static & dynamic analysis and design of all types of concrete, steel and timber structures.

  • Versatile graphical editor enables easy creation of the most complex 3D structures
  • Fully automatic finite elements mesh generator with fast and high capacity numerical solvers
  • Automated report generation and report update


Professional software for reinforcement detailing, automatic bars and meshes schedule, automatic fabrication and cutting plans and optimisation.

  • DWG compatible, integrated in Autodesk‘s AutoCAD or BricsSys’s BricsCAD
  • Easy to use and customize according to various standards and demands
  • Fully automatic specification and recapitulation report including optimized cutting plans of meshes and bars
  • Reinforcement classifying, itemizing, marking, enumerating, shaping, anchoring, error checking and automatic updates after changes.
  • Automatic covering of arbitrary shaped surface with meshes or series of bars

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