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Pacesetter BES4 Dream Edition (Build 3632 64-bit) Work Windows 11-10-8-7 64BIT

https://youtu.be/7C1ccqg2i_8 Pacesetter BES4 Dream Edition (Build 3632 64-bit) BES® 4 Dream Edition; Embroidery Lettering Software is a true inno

Bes4 Dream Edition Power Pack Build 3632 64_bit | Latest Build 2021
Pacesetter BES4 Dream Edition (Build 3632 64-bit)

BES® 4 Dream Edition; Embroidery Lettering Software is a true innovation in embroidery lettering, monogramming & customization software. BES® 4 is a full-featured desktop software that offers all the great features of BES® 3, and more. Plus, BES® 4 includes a new wireless upgrade for select Brother machines, and a convenient BES® Cloud web application for free storage and basic editing capabilities.

The versatility of this new software is perfect for any embroiderer from beginner to expert. You will love the ability to create designs on your PC, transfer designs wirelessly, and edit designs on the go. As a multi-format software program, BES® 4 is compatible with most popular brands of embroidery machines.

Full-featured BES® 4 desktop software – BES® 4 includes 840+ embroidery designs with 101 new designs, 199 pre-digitized fonts with 9 new fonts, and new editing and customization features.

ScanNCut compatibility – Precision cut appliques with ScanNCut…. Plus NEW! Convert cut files into applique embroidery files, then embroider on your embroidery machine.

Free access to BES® Cloud – Edit on the go from a PC or Mac laptop, tablet or mobile device, with this simplified version of BES® 4, on www.BESCloud.co. Create and save designs in BES® Cloud and send designs wirelessly to your embroidery machine from your PC, Mac to tablet. No subscription is required to use BES Cloud.

Wireless upgrade feature – For THE Dream Machine® (XV8500D), PRS100, PR655 and PR1000e. This feature allows you to transfer designs wirelessly from your PC to your embroidery machine.


  • Wireless Upgrade Kit – Transfer virtually any PES file from your PC to select Brother machines
  • Free Access to BES Cloud Software – a free cloud-based software for basic edits on-the-go from your PC, Mac or tablet
  • 840+ Embroidery Designs including 101 New Designs
  • 199 Pre-digitized Fonts including 9 New Fonts
  • ScanNCut Compatible – Import and export ScanNCut FCM files to create appliqués
  • Word Collage – Create lettering artwork by selecting a predefined shape filled with your words
  • Alpha Mapping – Create custom keyboard fonts by mapping PES files to type-able keystrokes
  • Monogram Designer – Easily create monograms with accents and frames

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