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https://youtu.be/JZT37b_31R4 HP Oxygen (Helium Polish Oxygen) is a bundled hardware+software solution for diamond scanning, a successo

HP Oxygen (Helium Polish Oxygen) is a bundled hardware+software solution for diamond scanning, a successor to Helium Polish with modern interface and a plenty of new features. It is intended for cutting factories, laboratories and dealers.

The system introduces the process of Reflect scanning. In addition to Shadow (silhouette) scanning, it illuminates each facet in turn and observes the reflection from it, thus greatly improving the precision of scanning and the accuracy of the resulting 3D model. This 3D model is more suitable than ever for accurate grade estimation, polishing quality appraisal, recut planning, and photorealistic visualization.

HP Oxygen offers a wide selection of various appraisal systems, including GIA-approved Facetware and user-defined MyAppraiser for multiple shapes. We also introduce SmartRecut algorithm for intellectual asymmetric recut which can be configured for desired diamond proportions using MyAppraiser, and provides a range of plans of varying optical symmetry and mass.

HP Oxygen provides sophisticated reports functionality.

Main features

  • Shadow Scan allows getting an accurate 3D-model of a brilliant using a silhouette approach. Basing on this model, a number of brilliant parameters are measured including height, diameter, facets angle of inclination and azimuth. The HP Oxygen 3D-model also includes such elements as additional facets. The 3D-model allows accurate visualization and realistic images to be produced that can show small distortions of symmetry and to use the output with various systems of the appraisal.
  • Reflect Scan is the new mode of scanning made available with the new hardware: Helium Crown Reflect and Helium Pavilion Reflect scanners. After you’ve built a shadow model, the algorithm scans each facet and records the reflection from it, in order to achieve greater accuracy.
  • Smart Recut  is the improved algorithm of finding asymmetric recut solutions, taking into account possible inclusions in the stone and optimizing parameters according to various appraisers.
  • I3D (Interactive 3D) Report is the new kind of report. It includes pictures which you can adjust in many ways at any moment after the report has been produced: turn the model to any orientation, toggle different kinds of captions on/off, etc.
  • Comparative Report is the method to thoroughly compare two stones. It is especially useful when considering recut solutions.
  • GIA Facetware is the GIA-approved procedure that appraises stones in full accordance with GIA criteria.
  • MyAppraiser is the interface for managing custom appraiser, where you may specify whatever limits meet your needs the best.
  • DZ Color Estimate is the method for color grading of a series of related recut solutions, based on the expert grading for one of them.

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