Clo 4.0 Work All 64Bit System Released 2018

CLO stands out in the 3D fashion design industry for its user-friendly software.   The new website further enhances user experience with

CLO stands out in the 3D fashion design industry for its user-friendly software. 


The new website further enhances user experience with its new features such as Helpdesk and Forums, that give users access to Quickstart tutorial videos and lessons, a comprehensive online manual, and a full list of FAQs for reference. With these resources at their fingertips, CLO users of any design level can expand their skills as CLO designers. The new website’s Forum section invites CLO users to share their own insights about CLO and exchange tips and tricks with the CLO community.

With the launch of the new website, CLO has also introduced new solutions for all types of users. CLO 4.0 is available in three different plans: CLO for Individuals, CLO for Small Business, and CLO for Enterprise. CLO is the only 3D fashion design software that is available for download for individual designers, freelancers, and for anyone interested in 3D apparel design. CLO for Small Business is for users within any legal entity, while CLO for Enterprise is targeted to large-scale businesses with enhanced service.
CLO for Enterprise includes the Total Business Solution, which is the key factor that differentiates CLO in the 3D fashion design software industry for large-scale enterprises. Total Business Solution is a packaged plan that includes the following support systems:
In-person training workshops
Digital Transformation Consultancy to help brands seamlessly integrate 3D into their process
100% Live Demos and Customized Sessions
Integration with communication systems
Direct Support
Access to Emerging Tech and CLO’s R&D insights in animation, Virtual Reality and many more.
CLO creates cutting-edge 3D garment visualization technologies that cultivate a more creative and sustainable landscape for apparel industries. CLO can be used to express a variety of design details for every type of garments from simple T-shirts to complex outerwear. CLO is a global company with offices in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Munich and New York.

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