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Booria Carpet Designer Pro 10.45 With Robotuft 3D+ Full Pack | Work Windows 10-8-7 32Bit & 64Bit

What's new in Version 10.45New features and enhancements on "Print Carpet Design" dialog:New "Print Mask" function for masking colors and indexes in p

Booria Carpet Designer Pro V8.20 Full Work Windows 7 All 32Bit And 64Bit
Booria Carpet Designer Pro 8.20 Full Installation & Activation Tutorial …

What’s new in Version 10.45

  • New features and enhancements on “Print Carpet Design” dialog:
    • New “Print Mask” function for masking colors and indexes in print which can be saved in TIF file format, a new function for emphasizing different materials with close color shades (Pro and Pro+ only)
    • New “Half Grid” option on “Grid Lines” tab
    • New “Persian numbers” option in “Point Paper” tab
    • Watch Video Demonstration Here

Half Grid option

  • New “Diffuse” option in Carpet Simulation dialog
  • New features and enhancements in Robotuft add-on: (Robotuft only)
  • Viewing list of used Row Spacing in “Layer Manager Statistics”
  • New “Zoom to Selection” option in Vector list
  • New “Convert 3D fills to 2D” function
  • “Offset Fill” can be defined zero.
  • New “As Background” option in “Area selection” of Vectorizer tool for easy Over-tuft designing
  • New “Simplify Vectors” option in “Import Vector File”
  • New “Delete Smoothing Nodes” function in Edit tab
  • New “Remove Layer” function in Layer Manager
  • Enhancement on switching between different options on Backstage view
  • Some bugs has been fixed

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Below History Of All Booria Version

What’s new in Version 10.40 (March 2, 2017)

  • Enhancement on “Neighbor Filter” dialog
  • Enhancement on “Remove Spot” dialog
  • New features and enhancements in Robotuft add-on: (Robotuft only)
    • New “Import Cut/Loop Pattern” function for easy converting of regular designs into Cut/Loop designs
    • New “Corner Smoothing” function in “Filter” dialog
    • New “Random Start Point” for Offset fills
    • Enhancements on “Delete Custom” dialog
    • Bug of “capture Scene” in 3D carpet view has been fixed
  • Some bugs has been fixed

What’s new in Version 10.35 (December 22, 2016)
  • Hardlock driver compatibility with Sentinel version 7.52 driver has been fixed
  • New Corner Smoothing filter in Robotuft add-on (Robotuft only)
  • New Zig Zag Joiner nodes in Robotuft add-on (Robotuft only)
  • New “Change vector directions if needed” option in “Arrange Vectors” dialog in Robotuft add-on (Robotuft only)
What’s new in Version 10.3 (July 1, 2016)
  • Enhanced synchronization between palette of bitmap and colors of Layers (Robotuft only)
  • Set as Start Node function in toolbar with (Q) short cut (Robotuft only)
What’s new in Version 10.2 (May 30, 2016)
  • Execution Level has been changed from Administrator into Invoker
  • Enhanced Import Vector function in Robotuft add-on (Robotuft only)
  • New Add Layer function in Layer Manager of Robotuft add-on (Robotuft only)
What’s new in Version 10.1 (March 17, 2016)
  • New functions and enhancements on “Pile & Loop Combiner” function and “Double Workers” effects: (Pro+ only)
    • Reading and Writing the “Double Workers” settings as EFT file format.
    • Bug of paint on high zoom levels has been fixed.
  • New “Average Color” function  in “Edit RGB” dialog which will calculate the average RGB value of selected area.
  • New functions and enhancements in Print Color Palette function:
    • Printing “Double Workers” in “Color List” and “Swatches” styles (Pro+ only)
    • Enhancements on printing “Classic” style
    • Easier access on Backstage menu
    • Redirecting Print Color Palette function into Backstage Menu.
  • Ignoring questions on opening 4 or 16 bits per pixel file formats.
  • Book Shelf” dialog has been written again to eliminate some bugs.
  • “Color Reduction” form can be resizes and maximized.
  • Most of dialogs with design previews has been enlarged.
  • New feature and enhancements on “Print Carpet Design” dialog:
    • New feature for printing the “Divider” lines based on desired “Block Count” and desired line thickness and color
    • Some bugs of printing while “Print based on Multiple of Grid Lines” is not selected has been fixed
    • Enhancements on changing prints margins
    • Updating the header and footer while editing
    • Thickness of grid lines now can be up to 30 pixels
  • Some enhancements on “Print” dialog:
    • Enhancements on changing prints margins
    • Updating the header and footer while editing
  • “Threshold” filter will change the designs into Grayscale automatically.
  • Some enhancements on “Edit Palette” dialog while changing the color names.
  • Some enhancements on “Pattern” dialog for zooming the pattern and Drag and Drop the pattern on design by left click.
  • Bugs of design aspect ratio has been fixed in “Room Decoration” function (Pro+ only)
  • Bug of resolution has been fixed in “Carpet Simulation” for avoiding undesired aspect ratio.
  • In “Vintage” dialog bug of “High Threshold Level” has been fixed. (Pro+ only)
  • Bug of docking the “Dockable Forms” from right to left or wise versa has been fixed.
  • Some bugs in changing menu style has been fixed.
  • Some bugs have been fixed
  • New features and enhancements in Robotuft add-on: (Robotuft only)
  • New “Snap to Object” in “Measure” tool
  • Viewing the length of vector in “Extend” tool
  • New “Leveled Zig Zag” filling option in “Vectorizer” and “Fill” tools.
  • Some enhancements on “Print” dialog:
    • Enhancements on changing prints margins
    • Updating the header and footer while editing
  • Enhancements on updating 3D nodes in “Layer Manager” dialog.
  • Enhancements on checking crossed contours in “Vectorizer” tool
  • Bug of number of layers in “Move to Layer” has been fixed.
What’s new in Version 10. (December 19, 2015)
  • New GUI (Graphical User Interface) and compatible with Windows 10
  • New Backstage view user interface for file management and printing
  • New History dialog to show the history of editing with easy undo and redo management
  • New Vintage Effect filter to create the vintage designs just by one click!
    Coming with 50 different predefined effects which all of them are customizable. (PRO+ only)
  • New Repeat View mode for editing the wall to wall and seamless designs (PRO+ only)
  • New Import Weaving Data (converting EPJC5 and DAT files into Bitmap files) (PRO+ only)
  • New Pen Pressure and Pen Eraser support of WACOM tablets working on (Pen, Air Brush and Brush tools)
  • Easy access to Pen Size and Pen pressure on Home tab
  • New memory and undo levels management make it faster and more stable on huge files
  • New Resource Meter on status bar with accessing to more memory
  • Enhancements on Underlay filter
  • Enhancements on Full Page Browser on displaying designs with Aspect Ratio (PRO and PRO+)
  • Easy Masking by Middle Click on Palette
  • Enhancements on Pen tools and tool property of it
  • More stability on very large file sizes
  • Some bugs have been fixed
  • New features and enhancements in Robotuft add-on: (Robotuft only)
  • New GUI (Graphical User Interface)
  • New Backstage view user interface for file management and printing
  • New Book Shelf for saving up to 4 designs on it!
    Now you can keep all data of four different designs in your Book Shelf and you can recall the desired layers or vectors into any other designs with several options.
  • New Multi Select facilities!
    Now you can select several vectors in one layer and you can copy and paste it easily from one layer to another layer or same layer.
  • New Select Layer, Select Inverse and Select Child functions
  • Saving and loading the Selected Vectors in BRT files
  • New Align Vectors functions
  • Major enhancements on Transform tool and now you can do the different transforms (move, flip, rotate, scale and …) on several selected vectors
  • New Rasterize function
  • New Lock Degree option in Node Move tool for moving nodes by multiple of desired angel (for example 30, 60, 90, 120, … by holding Ctrl key)
  • New Update Node Data function
  • New Cross Contour filter checking the crossed vectors in different layers
  • New Move to Layer function (for moving group of selected vectors from one layer to another layer)
  • Enhancements on Sharpen Edges filter
  • Enhancements on Short Segments filter
  • Enhancements on Joining filter
  • Enhancements on Auto Joining function of Join tool
  • New information about the direction of polygons in status bar (CW or CCW)
  • Enhancement on painting the Grid points
  • More options on adjusting the Gridlines and properties of it
  • Enhancements on type of vectors (Outline or Fill) in Polyline tool
  • Snap to Grid function for Polyline tool
  • Snap to Grid function for Extend tool
  • Enhancements in Yarn Consumption
  • Enhancements on Vector Ordering tab
  • Enhancements on painting of Polylines and Polygons tool
  • Enhancements on painting of Extend tool
  • New Negative Color and Show DX, DY options in Measure tool
What’s new in Version 8.70 (May 28, 2015)
New Vintage Effect filter to create the vintage designs just by one click!
Coming with 50 different predefined effects which all of them are customizable.
  • New Repeat View mode
  • Enhancements on Underlay filter
  • New Resource Meter on status bar with accessing to more memory
  • Easy Masking by Middle Click on Palette
  • New features and enhancements in Robotuft add-on:
    • Enhancement on painting the Grid points
    • More options on adjusting the Gridlines and properties of it
    • New enhancements on Joining filter
    • Enhancements on Auto Joining function of Join tool
    • Enhancements on type of vectors (Outline or Fill) in Polyline tool
    • New Paste in Same Place function
    • Snap to Grid function for Polyline tool
    • Snap to Grid function for Extend tool
    • Enhancements in Yarn Consumption
What’s new in Version 8.65 (March 25, 2015)
  • Working faster with selected areas on large files
  • Grid offset in 1 pixel for BRT files
  • Bug of Print Carpet dialog for large files has been fixed
  • More stability on very large file sizes
What’s new in Version 8.55 (July 7, 2014)
  • Compatibility issue with WACOM Companion tablets has been fixed
  • Some bugs have been fixed
What’s new in Version 8.52 (December 16, 2013)
  • Hardlock driver compatibility issue on Windows 8 has been fixed
  • New enhancements on Tallam printing function
  • Some bugs have been fixed
What’s new in Version 8.50…
  • Windows Eight 32-bit and 64-bit compatible
  • New Look on forms with Ribbon menu
  • Enhancements in Robotuft functions

New Graphic User Interface in Version 8.50
What’s new in Version 8.25…
  • New Lighter view and Darker View for selected area
  • New Color Shelf in Edit RGB dialog
  • New Color Book in Edit RGB dialog supporting ARS Color codes
  • Faster AutoSave function working in background
  • More than 20 enhancements and improvements in different functions
What’s new in Version 8.20…
  • Faster Program Startup
  • Major enhancement in Printing Dialogs and now at least 4~5 times faster
What’s new in Version 8.10…
  • New Background Layer feature with transparency support

New Background Layer option in Pro+ edition
  • New Locked Windows option for easier comparing of two designs

New Locked Windows
What’s new in Version 8.00…
  • New faster drawing and painting engine caused application working faster in large file size
  • Major Improvements in Drawing Tools:
  • Faster paint engine for all drawing tools with faster zoom operation
  • New Shortcut keys for Centralize, Equalize and Positioning functions for graphic tools via Shift, Ctrl and Number Keys
  • New Cubic Spline tool with manipulation features
  • Improved Free Size tool
  • New Select Style including: Normal, Fixed Width, Fixed Height, Fixed Size and Fixed Ratio options
  • New graphical user interface for drawing tools
  • New Centralize Image painting with Margins for easier editing and selecting on design corners with new Padding Color for changing the color of margins
  • New Room Decoration dialog for mapping the carpets in the rooms (available in PRO+ and Business editions only)
  • New Color Wheel component in Edit RGB dialog
  • New features and enhancements in Robotuft add-on:
    • New Yarn and Material Consumption dialog for Robotuft with Consumption Report.
    • New Parallel Spiral Filling option
    • New AutoSave option in Robotuft and Import files
    • New features and enhancements in Path Graph dialog
    • New Repeat dialog with vector and bitmap duplication features in Robotuft
    • Changing Layer names in Layer Manager dialog through Color Name dialog
    • New Arrangement Preview in Arrange Vectors dialog for better understanding the possible combinations
    • Mixed Layers color display improvement
    • New Blend Unselected Vector feature with adjustable blend intensity
    • New Edit Mode for having bigger editing environment
    • Robotuft Tools:
      i. Improved Node Move tool
      ii. Different Flip and Rotates with Apply to all option, in Transform tool
      iii. New Balanced fill option in Robotuft “Vectorizer” tool
  • New Auto Contrast, Auto Intensity, Auto Level functions
  • New user interface and lot of enhancements in Design Browser dialog
  • New types of Effects in Effect dialog
  • Enhancement in AutoSave function
  • Faster program termination
What’s new in Version 7.19…
  • New Multicolor AirBrush tool
What’s new in Version 7.18…
  • New features and enhancements in Robotuft add-on and 3D Carpet Plug-in:
    • New advanced user interface using Ribbon Bar
    • New Arrange Vectors dialog for arranging the vectors based on different options:
      i. Optimized movements
      ii. By length
      iii. By Position (from bottom to top or vices versa)
    • New Edge Control Nodes for easy switching between: cut and loop piles, different pile height, different densities
    • New user interface for easy management of layers
  • Enhancement and new features in Print Palette dialog
  • New Thumbnail Extractor for displaying the Thumbnail of BRT, PCX and APF files in Windows Explorer
What’s new in Version 7.16…
  • Some enhancements in Carpet Print dialog
What’s new in Version 7.15…
  • New features and enhancements in Robotuft add-on and 3D Carpet Plug-in:
    • New user interface
    • New Statistics in Layer Manager dialog
    • Faster 3D Carpet rendering
    • Major improvements in 3D Carpet plug-in
    • Ability for defining Cut or Loop State for each nodes
  • New “Send by Email” option
  • New options for “Printing to file” in “Carpet Print” and “Carpet Print RLE” dialogs
  • New “APF file format” added to supporting file formats

3D Carpet designing in Robotuft add-on
What’s new in Version 7.12…
  • New features and enhancements in Robotuft add-on and 3D Carpet Plug-in:
  • Viewing Combined Design function for 3D BRT files
  • New Cut & Loop Switching Nodes dialog
  • New Roll Back nodes dialog
  • New items in status bar, such as: Cut/Loop mode of each node, Height info of 3D designs, Having Selected Vector
  • New Yarn ID option in Layer Manager
  • Wide range of enhancements in 3D Carpet designing Plug-in
  • New features and enhancements in Tallam printing function
  • New options for finding Nearest Colors and Renaming Colors in Color Harmony, Palette and Edit RGB dialogs
What’s new in Version 7.10…
  • 3D Carpet designing on Robotuft add-on:
  • 3D view in raster designing part of Booria Carpet Designer with lot of functions and tools
  • 3D view with wide range of options in Robotuft add-on
  • New Layer Manager dialog
  • New 3D Filters dialog
  • New Raster Pen and Raster Fill tools
  • New Blended Gradient tool
What’s new in Version 7.00…
  • Windows Seven and Vista 32-bit and 64-bit compatible
  • New advanced user interface using Ribbon Bar

New Graphic User Interface using Ribbon Bar
  • New Edit Mode for using the maximum area of the desktop for editing the designs
  • New Open dialog for defining up to 11 path for easier opening and browsing
  • Switching between Classic menu and Ribbon Bar user interface in “Preferences” dialog
  • New option for Pen tool for drawing a straight line by holding Shift key
  • Enhancement in supported Vector files
  • and many more enhancements
New Edit Mode for using the maximum area of the desktop for editing the designs
What’s new in Version 6.28…
  • New Merge Dialog
  • New popup menu (available by right click) for all select tools with different types of selecting functions
WhatWhat’s new in Version 6.27…
  • New Portrait and Landscape option for Print Carpet Indexes and Print Carpet RLE dialogs
What’s new in Version 6.26…
  • New Print Carpet Indexes dialog for hand-made carpet designs
  • New Print Carpet RLE dialog for hand-made carpet designs
What’s new in Version 6.25…
  • New features and enhancements in Robotuft add-on:
    • New enhancements in Path Optimization
    • New Options for Showing and Deleting Fills and Outlines vectors separately
    • Changing vector types through Vector Properties dialog in Move Node tool
  • Three new methods for printing hand-made carpets designs
What’s new in Version 6.24…
  • Up to 20 times faster optimization in Path Optimization of Robotuft add-on
What’s new in Version 6.23…
  • Some compatibility issues have been solved
What’s new in Version 6.22…
  • New Smooth dialog
  • New “Open in new window” feature in Repeat dialog
  • New “Sort by name” for palette in Color Harmony dialog
What’s new in Version 6.21…
  • New option in Edit RGB dialog feature for Changing several colors at the same time in Auto Preview mode
  • Faster Pen tool
  • New Extend tool in Robotuft add-on
What’s new in Version 6.20 …
  • New features and enhancements in Robotuft add-on:
    • Preview option in Open Dialog for BRT files
    • Robotuft file association with BRT added in Windows Explorer. (Double click on a .BRT file to open in Booria Carpet Designer)
    • New Print Vector dialog added. Vectors can be printed using the same parameters in Paint Options.
    • New Free Hand Drawing tool
    • Robotuft Vector orders can now be changed to Island first or Outlines first as needed. Outline first will put the outline vectors in the first place at each layer. Island first instead will draw an outline polygon and all its containing fills before proceeding to the next island.
  • New Expand Vertically and Expand Horizontally functions in Select menu for easier Cross planting
  • New Auto Pattern function for regular pattern of two colors in Pattern form
  • New Drag and Drop facilities Palette
  • Enhancement in printing with wide format printers in Print Carpet Design dialog
  • New Version History option in Help menu
What’s new in Version 6.10…
  • New Macro Recording and Playing
  • New Enhanced Logo and Writing Tool, with automatic flipping and changing the indexes of overlapped colors (specially designed for advanced text and logo writings in VDW UCL or other similar looms, Available only on PRO+ edition)
  • New HSV Channels in Edit RGB Dialog
  • New Color Harmony dialog (Available only on PRO+ edition)
  • New way for printing indexes in hand-made Carpet Print
  • New features and enhancements in Robotuft add-on
What’s new in Version 6.09…
  • New features and enhancements in Robotuft add-on
  • New Corner feature in Border Wizard
What’s new in Version 6.08…
  • The first release of Robotuft add-on for supporting hand-tuft robots
  • New enhancements in Gradient Editor of Gradient tools
  • New Color Combinations option in Edit RGB dialog
  • New Drag and Drop functions for colors
What’s new in Version 6.07…
  • New features in Border Wizard
  • Opening files by Drag and Drop of them from Windows Explorer
  • Enhancements on Color Names
  • New cm and inches options in Resize Dialog
  • New “Color Chips” option in Carpet Print dialog
What’s new in Version 6.06…
  • New Import Vector Files function supporting: DXF, DWF, DWG, DRW, CGM, PLT, DGN, WMF, EMF, GBR, PCL, CMX and SVG files.
  • New Robotuft function for converting raster designs to vector files of Hand-tuft Robots
What’s new in Version 6.05…
  • New Multiple row/column color chips in “Palette” dialog which could be adjusted in “Preferences” dialog
  • New Auto Preview option in “Edit RGB” dialog for improved changing colors
  • New user interface for “Color Reduction” dialog with enhanced Neural
WhatWhat’s new in Version 6.02…
  • New Carpet Print Report dialog
  • New TALAM Printing dialog
  • New Chromatone color codes
What’s new in Version 6.01…
  • New Patterned Multi Color Gradient tool
You can create the above patterns just by one click!
  • New paint engine without any flicker
  • New engine of drawing with many enhancements in all drawing tools
  • New engine of masking with many improvement on speed of it
  • Working of 14 tools in Symmetry mode
  • New Oval tool
  • New Eraser tool
  • New Contour tool
  • New Navigator window on the lower right corner of design windows
  • New Inherit Color From dialog
  • New Shift Color Indexes dialog
  • Possibility of defining same RGB on color palette
  • New option for calculating price based on gr/knots
  • Automatic Average Color option in Pile and Loop Combiner
  • New features and enhancements in Print dialog
  • Three new methods for printing hand-made carpet designs
  • and many many more …
What’s new…
  • New Border Wizard function for creating Rectangular, Oval, Elliptical and Octagonal shapes by easy Drag and Drop facilities
  • Pile & Loop Combiner for visualizing Double-Pile and Pile & Loop combinations
  • Multi-lingual user interface supporting English, Persian and Turkish languages
  • Enhanced and easier Drag & Drop functions
  • Exporting color usage report to Excel file for further calculation process
  • New Web Direct for checking the latest version of application and getting the latest news
  • New Swap Pen tool
  • Booria Carpet Designer Pro 5.63 are supporting more then 66 different way of gradient fills in 4 different gradient tools, including; Color Gradient, Multi-Color Gradient, Color Course and Multi-Color Contour Gradient tools!
  • New Multi-Color Contour Gradient Fill tool

Samples of 2 ways of Multi-Color Contour Gradient Fill toolfrom 15 possible ways, totally 15x2x2=60 options in this tool only.
  • New DP Curve tool in two different modes; Single and Continues, exactly like famous curves of DP (Deluxe Paint) program and more!
  • Carpet Archiver, SQL-based design archiving and searching solution.
  • User definable shortcut keys.
  • Cross Plant Guide module.
  • De-perspective module, for deriving designs from the perspective pictures.
  • Creating Circular and Elliptical designs with four different algorithm.
  • Bookshelf an easy way for storing multiple selections for use in one or more designs.
  • Replicate tool for automatic repeat of objects with correct spacing into specified area.
  • Loop & Pile Simulation.
  • Multi-Color Gradient fill tool (up to 16 colors).

  • Additional Enhanced Tools, allowing more creativity.
  • Creating Binding Effect.
Sample of symmetry drawing function
  • New XP Look

  • Coming with outstanding library of 1750 ready to use motifs, design repeats, flowers, borders, medallions, etc. with easy drag & drop facilities and automatic transparency settings.
  • Automatic merging of scanned and filtered designs for creating the whole design.
  • Equipped with a complete set of drawing tools (up to 60 drawing tools), with special drawing tools for spiral symmetric motifs, etc. with customizable brushes.
  • Multiple brushes, and patterns for the creation of interesting effects.
  • Gradient fill tool for creating dithered or halftone effects with two or multiple color options.

Multi-Color Gradient Fill tool user interface
with control over the positions and number of colors
  • Creative tools for filling with colors, patterns and gradient colors with different neighborhoods.
  • Skewing, Shearing, Splitting, Trimming, Curving and Scaling of selections for interesting effects.
  • Different selection formats including the selection of small designing elements.
  • Customizable drawing tools with full control on diameter, hardness, spacing, opacity, touch image and paper texture.
  • Consisting considerable features and functions (more than 180 functions) such as cut, copy, paste, duplicate, resize, flip, rotate, repeat, mirror, symmetry, insert, …
  • Automatic resizing tools to enable quick and easy modification of designs to new constructions and qualities.
  • Navigator window, overview of the entire design in a small window.
  • Working on multiple designs simultaneously.
  • Copy and paste the design elements and motives with protecting the selected colors.
  • Multiple steps of undo/redo.
  • Automatic filtering of scanned point paper designs with less than %1 error.
  • Different color reduction routines by taking advantage of artificial neural networks and interactive methods.
  • Easy file finding with a handy design browser.
  • Capability to work at any zoom level, with exact warp/weft ratio.
  • Basic repeat options (with standard repeats such as straight, quarter, half, brick, mirror x & y and customizable drops etc).
  • Shift function which help you to change the design elements position.
  • Easy Drag and Drop functionality to take an element from one design into another.
  • Easy color masking and unmasking.
  • Multiple functions for Color editing, color swapping and color changing and so on.
  • Easy to create, modify, add, rearrange and save color palettes according to designer preferences.
  • Automatic contouring function in different directions and thicknesses.
  • Multiple levels of automatic clean up for the cleaning of designs (with options for cleaning up on a single or multiple colors).
  • Print Presentation allowing user to create layouts for design, background, color palette, text and logo.
  • Conditional color change for automatically adding and removing pixels in a predefined environment.
  • Reading and Writing of multiple different standard file formats (BMP, PCX, GIF, TIF, PSD, TGA, PNG, JPG,…).